Collection: Clips & Hangers

The right wire and hangers are the perfect finishing touch for any crystal or chandelier project. We carry a wide variety of brass wire, chrome wire, prism clips, Strass clips, and hangers.

Selecting the right clips/hangers for the right prisms is not always easy nor an exact science. Sometimes you're looking for balance and the right amount of space between the prisms. Other times you don't want the attachment to stand out at all, instead blend into the background and let the prism shine. Whether you pick a bowtie, ring or anything in between, much of the decision comes down to a matter of personal taste and preference.


Chain (a)
Clip - 14 mm
Space Between - 6 mm
Overall Length - 76 mm

Chain (b)
Clip - 11 mm
Space Between - 4.5 mm
Overall Length - 68 mm

Chain (c)
Clip - 8 mm
Space Between - 3 mm
Overall Length - 60 mm

Sometimes the leg length is the deciding factor as well. The leg length on the large clip is 12mm long, the 10mm clip leg is 10mm long and the 8mm clip leg length is 8mm long. So the large clip is 50% longer than the small clip, which can make a difference in pinning some prisms together. The octagon thickness isn't an issue, but when you get to some of the spears and pendalogues you need a longer leg to go through the prism to securely and safely hold the prisms together and to the chandelier. Ask our customer service team at ChandelierParts if you have any questions regarding pins, wires and clips.

All pins are easy to bend in place with your fingers, however once in place you may want to use a pinning pliers to more securely hold them in place. The pinning pliers will allow you to crimp the pin more precisely and securely. This is especially important when you are cleaning the prisms. A pinning pliers has a small nose that allows you to crimp between prisms for a nice, secure fit.

ChandelierParts stocks a huge number of pins and clips. We stock most in chrome, brass, gold and black. We stock headed pins, eye pins, Strass hangers, bowtie hangers, rings and diamond clips.