We get many requests every day for help in finding replacement or broken chandelier parts. We are glad to help, but there are limits to what we can do.  Here's a few tips:

1. We don't have a huge library of old manufacturers catalogs.  Many people write in and say they have a "Miller" or a "Smitty" this or that.  This doesn't help us.  We deal in parts and prisms and are interested in knowing if you need an arm or a pendalogue.  The manufacturer doesn't help us.

2. How it broke doesn't really matter to us.  We get some of the best stories of who broke the chandelier and/or how.  Uncle Willie or Fluffy the cat doesn't help us find you the part you need.  Just the facts, as Joe Friday would say.  Save the story for the grandkids. 

3. We do have thousands of crystal parts. We also have many manufacturers catalogs. We can usually identify most crystal parts and will know if they are currently made. 

4. Many old crystal parts are one of a kind. We've seen many parts that were hand made by craftsmen of another era.  Sometimes old parts cannot be found today.  Many of these parts were hand crafted and not available.  

5. Be prepared to substitute.  Some old fixtures are impossible to find parts. Sometimes you have to replace all like-kind parts with new parts because you cannot find matching parts. We do have a vast inventory and many times we can find an exact match.

6. Swarovski/Strass never made chandeliers until they bought Schonbek in 2012.  We get people every day who say their grandmother bought a Swarovski chandelier 20 or 30 years ago.  Swarovski itself has never made chandeliers. Swarovski makes components and sells them to manufacturers who make the chandeliers.   They can use all Swarovski/Strass components and get a Swarovski/Strass badge so the consumer knows it is made of genuine  Swarovski/Strass components.   Chandelier Parts.com is an Authorized Swarovski Distributor and buys direct from Swarovski.  We meet regularily with Swarovski and pride ourselves on maintaining stocking inventory on the many parts and colors in their line.