Collection: Tronchis, Triedres, Quads & Rods

The Tronchi is a specialty chandelier part that is commonly used exclusively as the crystal for larger chandeliers in public places. In the United States, it is frequently found in hotel lobbies, ballrooms, and other large venues. Most commonly, it is found in Murano, Italian Venini chandeliers that have a heavy artistic style. The Tronchi is a hollow glass tube, usually in a 5 point rounded star shape. The clear glass can have various styles within the glass to catch the light. In larger fixtures there can be over 100 tronchis of various lengths in use. ChandelierParts stocks Tronchis in common lengths ranging from 5 to 15 inches, and can special manufacture larger sizes in sufficient quantities with sufficient lead times. Tronchis are not made domestically and are imported from Italy.

Triedres & Quads are a specialty chandelier piece commonly used on public chandelier fixtures. Triedres (three-sided) and Quads (four-sided) can have a flat bottom or cut at an angle. Whichever you select, it is sure to capture and refract a great deal of the chandeliers light. Used in public spaces such as hotel lobbies, they present a captivating display of refraction and reflection.