Bobeches, Bowls & Cups

Bobeches also spelled "bobesches" (pronounced bow-ba-shay). Originally these were designed to catch the wax that dripped from candles on early chandeliers. These are now considered an accent piece in which the socket, bulb and candle cover rise from. Today, these frequently are pinned with multiple prisms. offers a stunning array of bobeches.
When ordering a replacement bobeche, there are several important things to keep in mind:
               • Size of the bobeche - measure diameter across the top.
               • Size of the center hole - usually 1/2 inch to 1 inch
               • Number of pin holes - from none to about 24. These usually run around the top lip of the bobeche.
               • Scalloped edges or straight.
               • Height - the distance from the base when sitting on a table to the top lip.
               • Pressed glass or cut crystal - cut crystal will have sharper more distinct lines while pressed glass the edges are less defined.
Bobeches are among the most commonly damaged item on a chandelier to be broken, it's best if these items are removed, prior to moving a chandelier. Most often they are very easy to remove, just by simply slipping them vertically over the candle cover. These should then be wrapped securely to avoid damaging your chandelier.


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