Baguettes & Coffin Stones


Crystal baguettes are long narrow prisms that are commonly used by themselves or in graduated basket chains. They become a focal point of a chandelier and are a fairly large prism that can refract a lot of light from the chandelier.

Baguettes are usually 2 to 5 inches long but may run larger or smaller in special cases. Many designers use them because they command attention and are a fast prism to install. Baguettes can be beveled along the top and sides. They usually have a flat back.

Coffin Stones

In contrast to baguettes, coffin stones have a tapered narrower bottom.

Clear Crystal coffin stones are used typically in larger chandeliers where they take up significant amounts of space. They are usually with holes at the top and bottom resembling an old-time wooden coffin. The baguette is similar but doesn't taper. Coffin stones are frequently beveled to allow more light refraction. Most common are the 2 to 5 inch tall versions and usually have a flat back side.

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