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Crystal Spears

Crystal spears are recognized by the pointed tip at the bottom of the prism. It can vary in size, but is usually notched and significantly smaller than the longer body of the total prism. Spears come in many sizes up to 12 inch and can be found in many places on the chandelier, including around the bobeche or ringing a top bowl. Today, spears also come in many colors and usually are supplied with a top bead. There are many candelabras and wall sconces with crystal spears. Many times crystal spears will be the focal point of a chandelier because they command attention.

Colonial Spears

The alternative pattern for a crystal spear is the colonial spear. Common to antique fixtures, sconces and candelabras going back to colonial times. These prisms tend to be long, triangular shaped crystal. They can often be found hand or machine etched with stars or other embellishments. The three-sided body can have a flat bottom or sometimes tapered to a point. They are usually drilled at the top with a hole for the top bead, but they can also have the wire inserted during the casting process. The longer leaded prism variety tends to be rather heavy and should be removed from the chandelier for cleaning to prevent breakage. Colonial prisms are not overly common in modern chandeliers, but frequently are found in older fixtures.

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