Collection: Swarovski Strass® Balls

Called the center point of the chandelier, the bottom crystal ball is truly the part of a chandelier that can catch the eye. Fabulous in large sized Swarovski and other fine crystal where the facets of the ball catch and refract the light like a fine gem. The chandelier frequently flows from the top of the fixture outwardly toward the arms then works the eye downward to the large ball at the bottom. Chandelier balls come in sizes from 1/2" in diameter to 6" (150mm) or even more. The large sizes are usually solid crystal, rather heavy and need to be securely installed lest they fall onto your dining table during your holiday meal. carries all grades of solid or hollow chandelier crystal balls in all sizes and specialize in Swaroski/Strass fine crystal balls as an Authorized Swarovski Reseller.