Collection: Swarovski Strass® Chains

Few chandelier items are more commonly found in today's chandeliers. Chandelier crystal chain is simply octagon beads connected together with wire, pins or other connectors. The connectors can be made with a variety of metal finishes including; chrome, gold, brass, black or sometimes other colors. Chain is usually found in 1 meter (39") lengths, but can be made in any length needed.

Crystal chain is made from like sized octagon beads connected together, whereas graduated chain is created using a larger octagon at the top while increasingly smaller descending beads are used. In a graduated chain, the larger bead is usually on top. This type of chain can use as many as 10 or 15 different sized octagons. Chains add beauty, refraction, and visual motion. Chain also visually connect arms together and bobeches together, along with other configurations that use chains to connect different parts together.