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Ivory Honeycomb Beeswax Covers
Candelabra Base

Ivory Honeycomb Beeswax Covers
Candelabra Base

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Sizes from 2" to 4", white/ivory, actual beeswax candle covers. NEW Honeycomb design gives an incredible iridescent look to your fixture. Unique and stunning!

Beautiful addition to any chandelier or light fixture. Price varies by size. The ID (inside diameter) is .875" or just about 13/16".

Note: For the Honecomb effect, the OD (outside diameter) is about 1.2 inches. This is thicker than the other beeswax covers.

 SPECIAL NOTE: Beeswax covers are made from genuine wax, so therefore will melt if located near intense heat. It is not recommended to use more than a 25 watt bulb with these covers. Also, it is not suggested to use a shade or cover as this too will increase the heat. Cover should be equal to top of socket, not above. 

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