Collection: ASFOUR® Crystal Teardrops

The number one selling prism for chandeliers, sconces, lamps and many other decorating uses. The teardrop is also called an "almond" in some circles. Hundreds of teardrop prisms in stock in an assortment of cuts, sizes, colors, styles and looks. Most of our prisms come with a top bead, however it is not included in the measurement. The number one question we get is whether or not the top bead is included with the prism, and with teardrops it frequently is. If we show a teardrop photo with the top bead in the photograph it is most likely included in the price but not in the measurement. The second most often asked question we get is converting millimieters to inches, (see Millimeter Conversion Chart). A 2" teardrop is approximately 50 millimeters not including the 1/2" for the top bead. has millions of teardrops in stock ready for immediate shipment.