Collection: Blemished Parts

We have collected quite a variety of items over time, including Swarovski, that are too good to throw away just because they have a minor blemish, nick or scratch. The majority of these items when hung on a chandelier, really don't show their flaws unless looking for it.

So here is the opportunity for those who are able to overlook the small defects to get a great deal! Most items are priced at least half off, or more.

The items that are "Blemished" are noted as such in the description. Larger items such as bowls and columns will have photos to show exactly what the main flaws are. The other smaller items have a variety of blems so we have just used our normal item stock photo.

We do not send broken items that have obvious large portions missing!!

On these items, we have noted that  there are **Minor dings, bubbles, and/or scratches.  There are no returns or disputes for refunds. Final Sale.

Happy shopping ... and check back frequently as we continue to add products.