Collection: Octagons

Crystal octagons are simply called "beads" by many. In our company an octagon is the common 8 sided shaped bead that is the most common chandelier prism in use. It is used on the top of signature prisms and in chains by itself. ChandelierParts stocks octagons in many grades in sizes from 10 millimeters up to 60 millimeters and beyond. The most popular octagon for traditional use is the 14 millimeter size. Octagons come in one-hole (at the top for hanging) and two-hole for connecting octagon to octagon and octagon to prism. We also stock three and four-hole versions as well. These are designed to connect in multiple directions. Beads in our world generally have a center hole for stringing, while octagons have a top hole for pins or wire to connect to each other.