Chandelier & Lighting Design

Measuring a Chandelier Arm August 26 2014

Below, you will find several illustrations on the proper way to measure various chandelier arms. Up Rope Scroll Rope Arm Rope Up Flute Scroll Flute Arm Flute

Cleaning a Chandelier August 26 2014

The following information is courtesy King's Chandelier Co. "If properly cared for a chandelier is an investment and an heirloom that can be passed down from generation to generation" Most people never need to clean a chandelier more than once a year. In many cases, especially with new house constructions, once every two years will suffice. Cleaning a chandelier can be intimidating, but the shining result is well worth the...

Parts of a Chandelier August 26 2014

Crystals:The main part of a crystal chandelier is certainly the crystal itself. Crystals that are used in chandeliers can be one of many types. A chandelier can have very high priced crystals which are made by some of the best crystal companies in the world, such as Swarovski Strass crytals or can have more economical crystals, which although less expensive in terms of money, are still very reflective & brilliant.Chandelier...
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