Picking a Chandelier

Chandeliers go back centuries. They are a focal point in a house, foyer, dining room, hall or anywhere you need elegant lighting. A chandelier can be a statement with elegance and grace or it can simply provide lighting. The points to consider when looking for a chandelier are:

HEIGHT: If you have a standard eight foot ceiling you'll need more of a flush mount that doesn't come down into the room very much. If you are putting it over a dining room table you can come down much more than if you are walking under it. The height of the fixture should be an important consideration and decision you make before you start looking. The diameter is also a consideration.

FRAME: Do you want a glass frame? wrought iron? The frame gives a chandelier a "look" that may or may not work with your room or furniture.

STYLE: There are so many styles of chandeliers. You can pick modern or traditional or antique or anything in between. You should look for a style that fits with your furnishings and house. Don't be afraid to go a bit "wild".

PRISMS: Swarovski is the world leader of prisms and really make a chandelier "pop". Many chandeliers blend more expensive prisms with less expensive prisms. Swarovski is an industry leader and no longer produces "leaded" crystal but developed a new process that exceeds brilliance and refraction of traditional prisms but are lead free. Swarovski crystal prisms are manufactured in Austria. Other countries that produce many fine prisms are Italy, Germany, Turkey and Egypt.

INSTALLATION: Don't assume an electrical box in your ceiling will hold the weight of your chandelier. Have an electrician or lighting showroom professional install your chandelier. A chandelier with many large crystal prisms can weigh a tremendous amount. It's important your chandelier be installed correctly so it does not come loose and fall. Another consideration is the number of light bulbs your fixture holds and the capacity of the electrical circuit. Look for your chandelier at finer lighting showrooms or online. Many estate furniture stores have chandeliers as well as antique stores and flea markets.

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