About Leaded Crystal

Leaded glass or crystal is considered by many, a superior material to produce lighting components from, due to its unique ability to refract light and separate white light into its component colors, which produces the vibrant rainbows indicative of crystal refraction.

The production of leaded crystal is the result of adding lead oxide (PbO) along with potash (K2O) during the manufacturing process of silica glass. The type of silicate, lead oxide, manufacturing process and recipe of these basic ingredients effects the characteristics of the crystal.

Different regions of the world retain unique recipes and processes for the production of crystal. Some of these are dependent on the regional availability of minerals. ChandelierParts.com carries crystal products from a varied global marketplace. We feature crystal from Austria, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Turkey and others. Other areas that leaded crystal are commonly manufactured include; Germany, Ireland, Japan, North America and Scandinavia.

Depending on where crystal is manufactured, various governments and agencies classify leaded crystal in different ways. For example, in Europe: Council Directive 69/493/EEC, directs that all glass categorized as, "Lead Crystal" must contain 24% Lead Oxide (PbO), 10% Potash (K2O). While "Full Lead Crystal" must contain 30% Lead Oxide (PbO).

Much of our Lead Crystal would be considered "Full Lead Crystal" at 30% lead content.