Triedres & Quads

The Triedre

Triedre's are a specialty chandelier piece commonly used on public chandelier fixtures. Triedres can be three or four sided (called quads) and can have a flat bottom or cut at an angle. Whichever triedre you select, it is sure to capture and refract a great deal of the chandeliers light. Used in public spaces such as hotel lobbies, the triedre presents a captivating display of refraction and reflection.

Chandeliers that use triedres can be several feet tall and filling even the largest spaces with their girth. Triedre's come in sizes up to 2 feet in length or even longer by special order. Triedres are not made domestically, but imported from Italy. These were very popular in the 1940's throught the 1970's, especially in Venini Chaneliers from Murano, Italy. Triedre's are solid crystal and quite heavy. These chandeliers must be installed professionally, due to the excessive combined weight of the triedres. The hanger is installed directly in the glass during the manufacturing process. Typically, when the chandelier is cleaned, triedres are removed to prevent damage to the prisms.

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