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Chandelier Parts Diagram - what parts make up a chandelier?

The main part of a crystal chandelier is certainly the crystal itself. Crystals that are used in chandeliers can be one of many types. A chandelier can have very high priced crystals which are made by some of the best crystal companies in the world, such as Swarovski Strass crytals or can have more economical crystals, which although less expensive in terms of money, are still very reflective & brilliant.

Chandelier Arms:The chandelier arms are what extend out from the main body of the chandelier and on which the chandelier candles are placed. Chandelier arms can be of different types such as an S shaped arm, a fluted chandelier arm, and a rope chandelier arm. These are also available in different materials such as crystal, brass, metal etc depending on the type of chandelier.

Chandelier Candles:The candles that go on the end of the chandelier arms are what are used for illuminating the chandelier. Most chandelier candles or candle covers are hand made and even have wax drippings on the candles which make them look very authentic and attractive. .

Miscellaneous Chandelier Parts:Other than the above mentioned crystal chandelier parts, a chandelier has various other parts such as:

- Bulbs, converters, and sockets to provide light and brilliance to the chandelier.
- Bobeches which can be used to collect the wax drippings of real candles or to enhance the overall look of a chandelier.
- Collars, canopies, and chains from which to suspend your chandelier from the ceiling.
- Chandelier shades to cover the lamps.