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Fergus Falls, Minnesota     218.736.7000

Clear & Colored Raindrops

Raindrops have a variety of names but we call them simply "raindrops". We stock a huge variety of sizes and colors for just about any chandelier. The raindrops can add a tremendous amount of color and style to a chandelier quickly and easily. Raindrops are an inexpensive way to do a chandelier makeover and add color instantly without a lot of pinning and fuss. Most of our colored raindrops are Czech made and excellent quality. Each is made differently and some have the connecting wire cast directly into the glass. Other raindrops have a circlet hand made into the glass so a pinning can be fitted during the hanging process. And a third type of connection is a hole drilled into the top through the glass for a pin to be slid through. .Please check the connection detail before you order your raindrops. We care a wide variety of raindrops at including a Murano style with a ribbed pattern.

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